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be fall but parts of texas are look like a winter wonderland. look at the pictures from midland. about 2 1/2 inchesch snow have fallen-- inches of know have fall enand more is expected today -- fallen and more is expected todayched conditions are perpocket for snowball making. -- today. conditions are perfect for snowball making. >> a winter storm warning and storm across new mexico turning that state into a sheet of ice. that's making it tough for drivers to get around. these image out of albuquerque. people who live there say it's been a while since they have seen weather like this and until temperatures warm up the dangers on the road likely to not go away. >>> nasa makes an out of the world discovery a pays agency is located -- a space agency located a planet called a habitable zone. water can exist making life possible. the agency says planets nearly 2 1/2 times the size of earth and 600 light-years away. >>> you know it seems like bizarre world. texas and new mexico snow flooding in memphis and we have mild rain and no cold temperatures and there's a history. december 5th we get snow
. the weather is improving on the eastern seaboard. from texas into georgia, you see a new storm of developing. that will make a beeline for us tomorrow. we have a range chance tomorrow. details on that forecast is coming up in just a minute. our temperatures this morning have not dropped into the 30's. mostly in the 40's this morning. we will look at the weather details in just a minute. >> thank you. good morning. a lot of folks trying to make those returns this morning. we have one problem in kingsville. a closure at harford road. enclosures because of fire department activity. 57 on the north side through parkville. problem free towards the harrisburg expressway. 50 on the outer loop as you make your way past 75. a smooth start on 70. in nice start if you travel across the bay bridge. wind warnings are in effect. the bay bridge is running smoothly. no delays to and from the eastern shore. this is the fort mchenry. 95 in the southbound direction, no delays. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> someone in maryland will cop a new millionaire. the winning ticket for the christmas day pow
on the west side of dallas texas and western northern texas, snow, that is a sign of a lot of energy riding up the front and take most of the moisture to our north, by the time the boundary reaches us, it loses its steam. the question is what happens did the front stall out? few computer models hinting, which is important, because if the front clears us out, we wind up with a dry mild day. if the storm system develops, this is a wednesday morning time stamp. forward a day, we could be dealing with rain to snow issue on thursday. then that brings in questions, will we get piled up. thick morning fog. fog overnight. sprinkles. hanging upper 40s to 50s. 62 tomorrow, showers developing. 50, rain on wednesday. watching potential, the important word, potential for wintery mix, ending with snow with falling temperatures on thursday. let's check out the traffic now with angela foster. >>> more major incidents to report as you head out this morning, fog is the big story, you are going to follow in surrounding counties as well as on the corridors. no incidents to report. those foggy conditions will slow
. a winter storm has dropped a blanket of snow and ice from colorado to texas. the storm is moving east. southern colorado got several inches of snow. the ice is blamed for a prison van crashe. to 12 inches of snow in the panhandle of texas -- up to 12 inches of snow. the man who confessed to planting a bomb will be sentenced this morning. he confessed to planting the bomb in spokane but it never went off. remote triggering device never got close enough. still photos of kim jong il. he was laid out in a glass coffin as his third son visited the coffin. his father has been on display since his death in 1994. the country will mourn for 11 days. the state funeral will be held december 28. >> the deal is off for what would have created the largest cell phone company in the world. the merger has been taken off the table after stiff opposition from the government. the justice department sued to block the deal. at&t said the country still faces a serious problem with lack of available airwaves. whether you are naughty or nice, ellen braitman has more in the bloomberg business report. >> how do
in texas pays a parking ticket for more than five decades ago. he got a ticket back in 1953. he recently found that ticket while going through old keepsakes and it wanted to clear his conscience by paying the fine. >> it is only a dollar an almost 60 years old. but it still remains a debt. i believe that debts should be paid. >> he paid the mayor the fine and the mayor excepted even though he said the traffic violations was thrown out a long time ago. 6:19. 52 degrees on tv hill. new diet motivation. keeping your self-taught hand it can help you shed those holiday pounds. don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. -- keeping your cell phone handy. are you more optimistic about the economy for 2012? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. kim dacey checking on your morning commute. would have one problem spot, the report of a crash on the i
excited to honor the local heros station 17 up in texas of the baltimore county fire department and the local baltimore county police departments as well. it's a very family, friendly oriented event. and we are just grateful to have this opportunity toer is of the community. >> reporter: wonderful. -- toer is of the community. >> reporter: and amanda this is your wife you said deck rage that is go on the tree have special meaning. >> they do. we are going to have the christmas tree set up behind us. and this year we have made yellow ribbons, the youth pastors at our church and youth groups on wednesday evening made the yellow ribbons for tonight's event. we will decorate the tree with the white lights as well. they represent those who have fallen in the military andyellow represents those currently serving. so it's very special. >> reporter: and after thisceremony, you will have something huge for the community here. >> yes. we are going to have the great gift give away upstairs in the community center. we will have light refresh presents and cookies and hot chocolate and the gr
a stand across the country after a breastfeeding mother in texas says she have harassed in the store for breastfeeding her baby. the national demonstration was in support for michelle hickman nursing her 5-month-old under a blanket when she said a target employee began to give her a tough time. the mothers greeted customers telling them it's ok to breastfield in public. target
factory. >> you might be able to understand the testiness if you could see how close the polls are. texas congressman ron pall has a slight lead over romney and gingrich. others aren't counting themselves out and continue to barn storm across the state. >> the city wants to help out. the city is looking to spend about $7 million to make improvements but putting a round about at the intersection. right now there are two left turn lanes and two straight lanes. the city hopes the round about will cut down on the accidents and confusion. drivers we spoke with had mixed reaction to the proposal. >> it actually reduces the number of stops because it makes everything a yield condition. so all drivers entering must yield to the vehicles that are already in the round about but if no vehicle is in the round about they can proceed if it's safe to do so. at an always stop control or a signalized intersection all vehicles would come to a stop or stop at the red indic. >> city officials say things are still in the planning phases and neighborhood input would be a big factor determining if they would pr
is getting a big support from christian evangelicals. he's target among texas governor rick perry because of his rise. >> this is election where i believe the future of america hangs in the balance of what kind of country we will be. >> meantime, mitt romney holds kneel a -- nearly a dozen events hoping to capture the first state to vote. the gallup poll shows the former massachusetts governor leading the field nationally and more on this as the show goes on. >>> news time is 6:07. time for sports. the final week of the regular nfl season and the ravens are on the road to cincinnati. there's lot at stake for both teams and we have been talking about this all week. it's must-win for cincinnati. if they win it's in the playoffs and ravens win they are in and they are playing for home field advantage and first week bye. you can bet the tickets will be a hot commodity and the bengals have a tough time selling out the game. they offer a 2 for one deal for the full stadium to get that for the only the second time this season. ray lewis says it's problem the ravens don't seem to have. >> we don'
. . >>> news time, 6:14, 29 degrees outside. no doubt those living in parts of austin, texas, they got their heat cranked up this morning too. that city saw record-breaking low weather yesterday, temperatures dropped to a frigid, justin, check this out, 23 degrees at the austin airport. it breaks the old record of 25. that was set back in 2005. temperatures should be in the 50s, though, by the weekend. >>> this morning officials are trying to figure out what caused a huge tree to fall on four mobile homes. it happened in mechanics falls, maine. limbs crushed porches and went through several roofs, causing serious damage. one woman says she got the scare of a lifetime. >> it was very loud. the trailer was rocking and shaking. it was horrible. then we heard a big bang and i just jumped. i was afraid that the tree was coming through my office. , so it was very scary, it was something i never want to go through again. >> terrifying and one big mess, but thankfully no one was injured. >>> cleanup ahead this morning in upper marlboro, maryland, heavy rains and strong winds flooding some ro
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10